Raphael chose the pay homage to the thought leaders from classical antiquity of the Greco-Roman world and also to his own contemporaries. His visual manifesto combined the leaders of innovative thinking representing the sciences and the arts. This cross-disciplinary group of experts included the founders of the schools of mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, ethics, the arts, combined with military strategists, political scientists, architects and the even the heavenly deities.  Raphael painted this fresco to illustrate the theologians reconciling Philosophy and Astrology with Theology, in which are portraits of all the sages of the world shown disputing among themselves in various ways. This painting by the 27 year old artist was a symbolic collision of epic proportions. This masterpiece informs modern man to recognize that his destiny requires a combination of skills that draw upon the knowledge of other non-linear sources of information. 

Today's Age of Information is a fluid world where creativity, science, globalization, culture, art, democracy and economics are being catalyzed by technology. How we embrace a "New Age of Innovation"  is the focus of the Idea Institute's Unconference.
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